From: Awakening Fierce Feminine Fire!


Your Fierce Feminine Fire is your Passionate Creative Spirit!  
Come and learn how you can get on YOUR path of empowerment, whether through individual Journeys or together in a safe, supportive circle of like-minded women. Either way, you will Come Home to your True Self! 
Visit us at our booth during the Holistic Columbus Expo and learn about this path to living a Soulful Life. Learn ways to Awaken this Spirit within you and Empower yourself to live the fulfilled life you were intended to live. 
Mary Ellen Connett, M.S., a licensed marriage and family therapist, has artfully created a series of Events and Journeys that are high vibrational, positive and spiritual. She has blended her 35 + years of experience as a psychotherapist with her experience in Reiki Energy Healing, Energy Psychology (Tapping), Equine Assisted Therapy, Sound Clearing and Healing, Meditation, Visualization, Chakra Energy Balancing, Drumming, Drum Making, Drum Circle Leadership, and Shamanic healing practices and journeying. 
We’ve got brochures and fliers on all our Empowerment Journeys and a special gift to the first 100 women who visit. In addition, we’ll be doing a presentation AND drum circle demonstration sometime during the day. AND, we’ll be raffling off a FREE registration to our Ceremonial Drum Making Class and FREE registration to Wonderful Wednesdays, a Vibrational Spa “Mini” Retreat!  
So, please stop by! Meet Mary Elle Connett and members of the Divine Drumming Bliss Drum Circle. Get Awakened and register for our raffles and sign up for our mailing list to stay informed of our latest offerings. 
We can’t wait to see you at Holistic Columbus! 

Got Pain? Holistic Options May Be Your Answer!

There will be a number of vendors at our expo who will address PAIN.  Injuries stemming from accidents, aging, disease & a multitude of other situations contribute to pain being Inevitable at times.  Our mission at Holistic Columbus is to help people find natural solutions for all sorts of issues...& PAIN is a big challenge for many...we hear about it a lot. 

Chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists & a host of other vendors will be there to answer questions and offer solutions on DEALING WITH PAIN.  Including...


Be sure to go by this booth and visit Carlos, our newest HCE Vendor.  He recommends the TENS Unit for electrical stimulation that results in pain reduction.  I know first hand that the TENS helps to reduce pain.  When I was facing possible knee issues, my physical therapist & acupuncturist both                                              used the TENS.  I cannot say enough about my results.                                          You'll just have to see for yourself - go by and let Carlos try it out with you!  

     11 Days till the EXPO!


There will be a huge presence of doTERRA Essential Oils at our expo.  Nowadays it's hard to hear any discussion about natural wellness and holistic health practices that doesn't include the effectiveness of therapeutic essential oils.  There will be diffusers going, samples given away and some awesome essential oil gift baskets in the giveaways.

At 2:00pm in the COLUMBUS TALKS classroom Kalli Kenney will share with her audience WHY the oils are so incredibly successful in dealing with...EVERYTHING from headaches to tummy aches.  You'll have a chance to ask those questions about what oil is good for what...and how do i use Vetiver...and where do I put the oils...and where do I purchase these beautiful oils!

30 DAYS & COUNTING - you don't want to miss it this year,,,


OK...the event is FREE...the EXPO, that is,  & there will be a ton of giveaways, but we really want you to save some of your spending money to SPEND at the EXPO!  What can you buy, you ask?   Pull your chair up, there are many unique, and some even ONE-OF-A-KIND options designed JUST FOR OUR EXPO...

  • Massage - get a mini chair massage
  • Honey - our beekeepers will be in the house
  • MERCY MED Silent Auction      Lots of Artwork by some well known local artists, a spa basket, and some really cool stuff.  YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!
  • Homemade soaps, lotions, & other healthy personal items
  • Gemstone Jewelry
  • Plants & Flowers from Bloomers
  • Bio Coffee
  • Outside World & Ride on Bikes products
  • Homemade Candles

                                        So come on over SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 10am - 5pm.                                                          TREAT YOURSELF.  FIND ANSWERS. CONNECT WITH YOUR PEOPLE.


Yes, BANQUETHolistic Columbus has decided to host a banquet with great food, comedy with Jerry Farber, Mercy Med's Billy Hollbrook & awesome speakers the NIGHT BEFORE the EXPO


Friday, August 10, 2018     6-8pm.  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Columbus Convention & Trade Center, Columbus GA

                                                         $49 per person (limited seating - buy                                                       

Guest Speakers:  

Dale Jackson - MY BEAUTIFUL SON - a Family's Journey Through Autism

Dr. William Setzer - WHY THEY WORK - the Research Behind Essential Oils

Hope to see you at on August 10 AND August 11!  You don't want to just HEAR about it and realized you missed something really AWESOME...come on!  Register today!

Tamara Edwards, organizer

Your Favorite VENDORS are back...Along with a Few NEW GUYS!

See something at HCE last year that caught your eye?  Didn't get their business card...?  Well come on back this year because most of our vendors from last year are returning...& they can't wait to talk to YOU


NEW VENDORS?                                                                                                                                     A local CBD distributor, Columbus Botanicals Depot; Sleep Number; Choose You; Clear Choice Chiropractic; Wirewrapping by Lacey; Celestial Inspirations & many more are still joining us day.  If you want to be a vendor, we still have a few spaces left. 

The NORTH HALL will be full of VENDORS, VOLUNTEERS & Expo ATTENDEES                              on August 11...This will come and go quickly, so DON'T MISS only comes once a year!

Tammy  (oh, did I tell you...Ride on Bikes and Outside World are giving away a FREE BICYCLE & A PADDLEBOARD to TWO VERY LUCKY PEOPLE!)



UPTOWN FLOAT - HCE's Newest Vendor!

If you want a RELAXING, WEIGHTLESS & UNIQUE experience, try floating for an hour at one of Columbus, GA's newest businesses, and one of HOLISTIC COLUMBUS' newest vendors.  My recent hour spent at UPTOWN FLOAT was not only relaxing, but left me energized.(usually those 2 adjectives don't go together!)   I'll be back again soon!  

Joseph & Kirstin Wolfenbarger, UF's owners, are welcoming and informative, especially for someone like me who was a first-timer.  Check them out online at for all the benefits of floating.  You can even register online, too.


We're Back! August 11, 2018


Holistic Columbus 2016 & Holistic Columbus 2017 have proven that our Columbus, GA community is ready to be informed about positive, holistic, natural ways of caring for our health.  Both years have exceeded our expectations and this year is developing into the biggest event yet!

A look back...

HCE 2016    48 VENDORS   2500 ATTENDEES      6 SPEAKERS    40 VOLUNTEERS                                                              $1000 RAISED FOR MERCY MED

HCE 2017                                                                                                                                                        65 VENDORS         ~3000 ATTENDEES        15 SPEAKERS       55 VOLUNTEERS                                                              $1500 raised for Mercy Med

HCE  2018   some NEW EXCITING stuff coming!    YOU CAN'T MISS IT!                                                                                                                                                                                         *  most of last years VENDORS are returning!                                                                            *  the speaking room with the popular panel CONSCIOUS AGING + some new                                      additions  will offer really great learning opportunities                                  * CELEBRATE HOLISTIC YOU!  - a banquet on Friday night before HCE  to kick off our event                      (look for the BANQUET TAB to appear soon on our website)     

                              CHECK OUT OUR BLOG FOR HCE INFO!      

It's Not Too Late to Register!!

The clock is ticking, and in less than 48 HOURS Holistic Columbus Expo will come to an end.  Remember, it's THIS SATURDAY, August 5 from 10am-5pm.  

Our event is much bigger this year - with a 60% increase in vendors.  YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO REGISTER!  What are you waiting for?  It's as easy as 1-2-3.  Look for the REGISTER button on our website & put in your name and email.  It's FREE!!


Door Prize Tickets are good for Essential Oil Baskets, Massages, Reiki sessions, personal product baskets and even a BICYCLE to the grand prize winner.  These are provided by our wonderful vendors.

                                            HERE'S HOW THE TICKETS WORK                                                               GREEN Tickets - everyone gets one when they come into the event                                           ORANGE Tickets - everyone who registers on Eventbrite gets this one (PLUS the green)               BLUE - everyone who attends a speaking presentation gets one of these  (plus a green & possibly orange ticket)                                                                                                                                                                     ALL tickets are good for the drawings to be made each 15 minutes

                                    SEE YOU SATURDAY!  COME & STAY ALL DAY!!



LOTS of GIVEAWAYS...but you MUST REGISTER! we are 12 days away from our event!  Hopefully you have registered by now - it is the only way to qualify for a raffle ticket which enters your number into a chance for some of our AWESOME PRIZES...                                                                                                                                                                                    Also, remember that our event is FREE!!!    

  • Reiki sessions
  • Free Chiropractic Consultations / Adjustments
  • Beautiful Handmade Jewelry
  • Healthy Homemade Personal Products
  • doTERRA Gift Baskets full of essential oils
  • Massages
  • Dinners                                                                                                                                                                                      &  the GRAND PRIZE, a NEW BICYCLE FROM RIDE on BIKES!                                                             SO REGISTER TODAY @    or EVENTBRITE  

WELCOME to Our Newest Vendor


The NISSAN LEAF will be present for viewing at HCE.   It's comfortable, it's quiet and doesn't take any gas!  If you've just THOUGHT you wanted an electric car for WHATEVER reason -  here's your chance to see it up close  (in the comfort of air-conditioning, too) and ask all the questions you've had about ELECTRIC CARS...

If you're wanting to make a difference for your environment & future generations, this may be your way to advance that effort.  Come with your inquisitive mind and learn what it's all about!                                                                                                       

ONE MORE REASON TO COME TO THE HOLISTIC COLUMBUS EXPO                                                         SATURDAY, AUGUST 5     10am -5pm   

CONSCIOUS AGING PANEL - this is the one everyone will be talking about!

One of the most exciting attractions of HOLISTIC COLUMBUS EXPO is our presentation rooms - there are TWO.  Along with the many vendors, there will be speakers throughout the day offering their expertise & experience in rooms 101 & 102 of the Convention Center.  There are also 2 panels:

CONSCIOUS AGING - this is a FUN panel made up of five WISE & very FUNNY wonderful human beings who have a lot to teach us!  FACT:  we're all aging.  But how do we cope with getting older & looking more like our parents & grandparents every day...are we moving into this area of our lives gracefully, happily & with a sense of humor?  

Come hear what these awesome, vibrant & delightful folks have to say about the aging process.  You'll laugh, you may cry, but hopefully you'll walk away with some nugget of wisdom for your own life.     You WON'T be disappointed!

OUR PANEL...     August 5, 2017      11:30 - 12:30

  • CELIA SOLOMON, therapist & artist    
  • JERRY FARBER, comedian & entertainer for over 50 years  
  • MIKE HOWARD , artist
  • DONNA SWEAT,  personal trainer, Sweat Me, LLC
  • HELLEN PINKNEY, LPN, Reiki Master


                                                 REGISTER TODAY!

Kids Are Welcome Too!

HOLISTIC COLUMBUS welcomes children, too!  TASHA JENKINS EDWARDS, a local home school mom/kindergarten educator, will host our very active KIDS' AREA at our Expo.  

Below you will see the awesome folks who will be in the KIDS AREA to greet our Moms & Kiddos  & share many different ways to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle.  Here they are:

*  Columbus ROCKS with Smiley!   Smiley will guide small attendees in painting colorful rocks to hide all over Columbus

*  WILD HARE FARMS -  KRISTINA SCHRECENGOST will bring her adorable chickens (yes, you can buy them, too - or just LOOK!)  these aren't just any ole' chickens, either!

*  THE HOME DEPOT     HD has graciously agreed to bring miniature tool kits for kids to hammer on and create something usable to actually take home!  NOTE:   there are 200 kits, so come early!

*  OXBOW MEADOWS will be there - they always entertain & make things fun for kids while learning about wildlife & our environment

*  NUTRITION - we can't leave this one many times a day do parents encourage their kids to make healthy, nutritional choices, and how hard is that????    BELINDA BARRON & LYNN SOLGADO, local nutritionists,  will be present to bring help & understanding to parents, and kids about  WHAT THEY EAT

NOTE:  this isn't a "drop-off" for parents, but an interactive area for parents to come WITH their children to learn about the many aspects of holistic living.   If both parents can come, this is ideal, or bring along a friend and trade out times.  But DO BRING THE CHILDREN!  



I am SO, SO excited about this upcoming EXPO!  Rarely do I have regrets, but I must confess, I am currently experiencing one...I'll be working on the day of the  event!  Along with a host of volunteers, I'll be running around the North Hall in the Columbus Convention & Trade Center making sure all is well, and that all of our hard efforts are paying off on August 5.  There are only 7 hours to share all of these amazing holistic techniques & modalities, practitioners, products, ideas & a wealth of information about living a Healthy Lifestyle.   Regrets...yes, but fleeting, because I've met these amazing, incredible people in the process.  Just'll'll meet them when you come to our event.

And did you know there will be speakers?  Yes, speakers!  And 2 panels.

PANEL 1:   "Conscious Aging"   A mature, fun & humorous group, comprised of a comedian, a therapist, a doctor, and a renowned artist - this should help us all to view the aging process with new  eyes, with excitement & a determination to welcome it!

PANEL 2  "Finally, an Honest Discussion on Vaccinations!"     This speaks for itself - made up of doctors, some who adamantly believe all children should receive vaccinations, and of some who adamantly believe that not all children should receive vaccinations...parents, don't miss this!!

In addition to our Panels, here's a taste of what will take place in our 2 speaker rooms:  

* Dale Jackson will share his story about his 9 year-old autistic son & how CBD oils have helped him (and his family) to cope

* Dr. Rebecca Paden, a naturopath/osteopath will share her journey in helping cancer patients to restore their healthy lifestyle through natural remedies.

* Carly Blaylock, a Doula, will speak about her recent experiences in Togo, Africa, Hawaii, Thailand, Guatemala in the talk:  "What Would Life Be Without Purpose...Finding Yours"

* Dr. Donald Moeller, a local oral surgeon, has invented a device that has helped many individuals with PTSD.  He's entertaining and'll want to bring anyone you know who may be struggling with this.

AND THERE ARE SO MANY MORE!!!  Do you see why I'm excited?  I'll share more soon.  


We are counting down the days till we meet at the Columbus Convention & Trade Center for the 2nd HOLISTIC COLUMBUS EXPO!   For the next 48 days, look for our ads on billboards (Whittlesey Rd), Columbus & the Valley Magazine, local radio stations, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, posters, stickers, yard name it, we hope to be seen!

Our  complete list of SPEAKERS, along with their scheduled times, will be updated on our website very soon, along with their bios.  A few will return from last year (Janique Cook, Thermal Mobile Imaging) & Dr. Kurt Kochek (acupuncture), but most will be new to our event.  Overall, there will be 10 sessions available to attend.  No space will be reserved, attendees will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.  Each of the two speaking rooms will hold around 90-100 people.            

There will be 2 panel discussions:   The panel for "CONSCIOUS AGING"   will be comprised of several wonderful 'mature' individuals who will share their joys & struggles, along with a lot of humor, as they find themselves in a new arena as "senior citizen."  "Finally, an HONEST DISCUSSION on Vaccinations!" is our topic for the second panel which will be made up of doctors, parents and professionals who will help us to look at BOTH sides of this controversial topic.  You won't want to miss this if you're a parent or grandparent of small children!

New to our EXPO, Dr. Rebecca Paden will speak on "TREATING CANCER NATURALLY" &  also new, Dr. Don Moeller will share his new, non-invasive, invention that aids those with PTSD.  Dr. Gordon Stephenson, a local chiropractor, will speak on the importance of understanding nutrition as a part of our wellness, along with others with equally awesome topics.

My only issue with this expo...I will be working & making sure all goes well throughout the day! But that's what I signed up for.  I would travel many miles to visit these innovative vendors' booths & hear these knowledgeable speakers.  THERE IS SO MUCH TO LEARN in a short time! It may sound bold, but I think it's safe to say that this could be life-changing for some, especially if you're looking for change, improvement...answers.  

You must not miss this, and neither should your friends!  


We're excited to have already enrolled some of our vendors from last year.  Below are our newest awesome vendors who offer natural, healthy options through their products & services in our community.

  • Jami Story of Ivy Creek  - makes personal lotions, scrubs and much more...
  • Bill Chatmon of Saladmaster by Choice Systems, Inc. - a cooking system for making scrumptious food 
  • Olivia Amos and Brand Whitney of Bare Roots Farmacy (just opened in Columbus!)

Welcome to our first-time vendor, Cindy Ballis of SACRO'll just have to come and see what this is about!

It's not too late to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD discount offered before May 15.  Check out the details on our VENDOR APPLICATION under the VENDOR tab. 

Please pass this along to anyone who might want to be a part of our event.  




WHY a Holistic Columbus??

Several years ago I received the awesome gift of a weekend trip to an event called BODY & SOUL CONFERENCE in Boston.  It may be the best gift I've ever received.  The seminar was chocked full of vendors, speakers, demonstrations...all dedicated to sharing wellness that was not mainstream, not with nurses in white coats taking vitals and blood was totally out of the box.  It was FANTASTIC!  There were massage therapists, Yoga classes, aromatherapists, music therapists, authors of inspirational books, and people with ideas i had never even heard about!  But I was intrigued.  

During these events, in no way was modern medicine discredited and considered unimportant, but practitioners were talking about looking at the body as a WHOLE...observing & caring for the mind, spirit AND physical body when treating an illness.  Something about this rang LOUD & CLEAR to me.

I couldn't get enough.  For the next 2 years i traveled to every one of these holistic events...New York, San Francisco & Ft. Lauderdale...every event i could find until they just stopped.  Not sure if it was management, money, politics (of course!)  or what,  but needless to say, I was disappointed.

Bringing a holistic wellness event to my  home town became a dream of mine, & last year with the help of many in our community, we hosted 2700-3000 beautiful folks at the COLUMBUS, GEORGIA CONVENTION & TRADE CENTER for our first                          HOLISTIC COLUMBUS EXPO.  

With YOUR help we're looking forward to doing it again, Saturday, AUGUST 5, 2017

We welcome your participation as a vendor, a volunteer or simply as an attendee!


*  Dr. Brodwyn & Associates

*Peak Wellness & Feng Shui

* Ride on Bikes Juice Bar & Smoothies

* Cross-fit  CSG        

*Premier Chiropractic  

Stay tuned!   T.M.E.

Here we go!

If you attended last year's HOLISTIC COLUMBUS EXPO in August, then you will be excited to know we're planning our SECOND event on AUGUST 5, 2017 at the IRON WORKS CONVENTION & TRADE CENTER!  Our planning meetings began this week, we've sent out vendor applications to our last year's vendors & our website is up and running.  Soon you'll see our advertisements going up all around town.

                                    WELCOME to the following VENDORS!                                                                                                                Dr. BRODWYN & Associates                                                                                                                          RIDE on BIKES Juice & Smoothies                                                                                                               CROSS-FIT CSG

You say you want to be a vendor?  Or you want to be a volunteer in this awesome event?  Then email us at:

Many of the holistic, natural practitioners will be back!  Lots of chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, soapmakers, beekeepers, doTERRA Wellness Advocates, gymnasts, Yoga & fitness folks, plus so many more health practitioners                                    & advocates for a healthy lifestyle

NEW!  A kids' area / a demonstration section for tumbling, yoga, cupping, acupuncture, massage, Aroma Touch + and all in a much bigger venue 

Register now! Click our REGISTER tab on our website

                                            STAY TUNED HERE FOR UPCOMING DETAILS