WHY a Holistic Columbus??

Several years ago I received the awesome gift of a weekend trip to an event called BODY & SOUL CONFERENCE in Boston.  It may be the best gift I've ever received.  The seminar was chocked full of vendors, speakers, demonstrations...all dedicated to sharing wellness that was not mainstream, not with nurses in white coats taking vitals and blood samples...it was totally out of the box.  It was FANTASTIC!  There were massage therapists, Yoga classes, aromatherapists, music therapists, authors of inspirational books, and people with ideas i had never even heard about!  But I was intrigued.  

During these events, in no way was modern medicine discredited and considered unimportant, but practitioners were talking about looking at the body as a WHOLE...observing & caring for the mind, spirit AND physical body when treating an illness.  Something about this rang LOUD & CLEAR to me.

I couldn't get enough.  For the next 2 years i traveled to every one of these holistic events...New York, San Francisco & Ft. Lauderdale...every event i could find until they just stopped.  Not sure if it was management, money, politics (of course!)  or what,  but needless to say, I was disappointed.

Bringing a holistic wellness event to my  home town became a dream of mine, & last year with the help of many in our community, we hosted 2700-3000 beautiful folks at the COLUMBUS, GEORGIA CONVENTION & TRADE CENTER for our first                          HOLISTIC COLUMBUS EXPO.  

With YOUR help we're looking forward to doing it again, Saturday, AUGUST 5, 2017

We welcome your participation as a vendor, a volunteer or simply as an attendee!


*  Dr. Brodwyn & Associates

*Peak Wellness & Feng Shui

* Ride on Bikes Juice Bar & Smoothies

* Cross-fit  CSG        

*Premier Chiropractic  

Stay tuned!   T.M.E.