I am SO, SO excited about this upcoming EXPO!  Rarely do I have regrets, but I must confess, I am currently experiencing one...I'll be working on the day of the  event!  Along with a host of volunteers, I'll be running around the North Hall in the Columbus Convention & Trade Center making sure all is well, and that all of our hard efforts are paying off on August 5.  There are only 7 hours to share all of these amazing holistic techniques & modalities, practitioners, products, ideas & a wealth of information about living a Healthy Lifestyle.   Regrets...yes, but fleeting, because I've met these amazing, incredible people in the process.  Just'll'll meet them when you come to our event.

And did you know there will be speakers?  Yes, speakers!  And 2 panels.

PANEL 1:   "Conscious Aging"   A mature, fun & humorous group, comprised of a comedian, a therapist, a doctor, and a renowned artist - this should help us all to view the aging process with new  eyes, with excitement & a determination to welcome it!

PANEL 2  "Finally, an Honest Discussion on Vaccinations!"     This speaks for itself - made up of doctors, some who adamantly believe all children should receive vaccinations, and of some who adamantly believe that not all children should receive vaccinations...parents, don't miss this!!

In addition to our Panels, here's a taste of what will take place in our 2 speaker rooms:  

* Dale Jackson will share his story about his 9 year-old autistic son & how CBD oils have helped him (and his family) to cope

* Dr. Rebecca Paden, a naturopath/osteopath will share her journey in helping cancer patients to restore their healthy lifestyle through natural remedies.

* Carly Blaylock, a Doula, will speak about her recent experiences in Togo, Africa, Hawaii, Thailand, Guatemala in the talk:  "What Would Life Be Without Purpose...Finding Yours"

* Dr. Donald Moeller, a local oral surgeon, has invented a device that has helped many individuals with PTSD.  He's entertaining and'll want to bring anyone you know who may be struggling with this.

AND THERE ARE SO MANY MORE!!!  Do you see why I'm excited?  I'll share more soon.