Kids Are Welcome Too!

HOLISTIC COLUMBUS welcomes children, too!  TASHA JENKINS EDWARDS, a local home school mom/kindergarten educator, will host our very active KIDS' AREA at our Expo.  

Below you will see the awesome folks who will be in the KIDS AREA to greet our Moms & Kiddos  & share many different ways to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle.  Here they are:

*  Columbus ROCKS with Smiley!   Smiley will guide small attendees in painting colorful rocks to hide all over Columbus

*  WILD HARE FARMS -  KRISTINA SCHRECENGOST will bring her adorable chickens (yes, you can buy them, too - or just LOOK!)  these aren't just any ole' chickens, either!

*  THE HOME DEPOT     HD has graciously agreed to bring miniature tool kits for kids to hammer on and create something usable to actually take home!  NOTE:   there are 200 kits, so come early!

*  OXBOW MEADOWS will be there - they always entertain & make things fun for kids while learning about wildlife & our environment

*  NUTRITION - we can't leave this one many times a day do parents encourage their kids to make healthy, nutritional choices, and how hard is that????    BELINDA BARRON & LYNN SOLGADO, local nutritionists,  will be present to bring help & understanding to parents, and kids about  WHAT THEY EAT

NOTE:  this isn't a "drop-off" for parents, but an interactive area for parents to come WITH their children to learn about the many aspects of holistic living.   If both parents can come, this is ideal, or bring along a friend and trade out times.  But DO BRING THE CHILDREN!