Got Pain? Holistic Options May Be Your Answer!

There will be a number of vendors at our expo who will address PAIN.  Injuries stemming from accidents, aging, disease & a multitude of other situations contribute to pain being Inevitable at times.  Our mission at Holistic Columbus is to help people find natural solutions for all sorts of issues...& PAIN is a big challenge for many...we hear about it a lot. 

Chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists & a host of other vendors will be there to answer questions and offer solutions on DEALING WITH PAIN.  Including...


Be sure to go by this booth and visit Carlos, our newest HCE Vendor.  He recommends the TENS Unit for electrical stimulation that results in pain reduction.  I know first hand that the TENS helps to reduce pain.  When I was facing possible knee issues, my physical therapist & acupuncturist both                                              used the TENS.  I cannot say enough about my results.                                          You'll just have to see for yourself - go by and let Carlos try it out with you!  

     11 Days till the EXPO!